Clearing the air in the Bay Area

On October 3, 2018, the Coalition for Clean Air is hosting the first statewide Clean Air Day. The Committee has a goal of involving 1 million Californians in activities that educate the public and reduce air pollution.

Regional committees in seven targeted communities across the state have been created to support and activate around Clean Air Day. In the Bay Area, companies, organizations and government officials have come together to clear the air.

The Bay Area Air District works to reduce air pollution throughout the region to protect the health and wellbeing of Bay Area residents and preserve our quality of life.  The Air District is a proud sponsor of Clean Air Day which champions actions Bay Area residents can take every day to reduce harmful air pollution.

– Jack Broadbent
Executive Officer
Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Oakland City Council passed a resolution declaring October 3rd as Clean Air Day

On October 3rd, the San Francisco Department of the Environment will host an event at the San Francisco Public Library – Western Addition on improving air quality in your home, focusing on healthy ways to clean your home. Attendees should expect to learn how to:

  1. Reduce common indoor air pollutants such as mold
  2. Avoid products that can irritate your lungs
  3. Get rid of pests without the use of harmful or hazardous chemicals

Join the Bay Area in clearing the air by making your own Clean Air Pledge