Event Microgrant Program

Information for 2020 microgrants will be announced as we approach California Clean Air Day 2020.

Participation from organizations like yours are what makes California Clean Air Day great!

Funding of up to $1,000 is available to make California Clean Air Day a success in your community. Please complete this grant application for potential funding for your local event. To be eligible for funding, the local project must occur on or within three days of California Clean Air Day on October 2, 2019. Preference will be given to events occurring on California Clean Air Day. The local project must raise awareness of Clean Air Day, contribute to cleaning the air, encourage participants to take actions that will clean the air, and successfully engage at least 100 participants/attendees.

Some types of these local projects include: community tree plantings, bike rides, transit parties, clean air fairs, indoor air education events (going door-to-door teaching community members about alternatives to harsh cleaning agents), electric car test drive events, youth art contests, no idling campaigns, and open street events. There is no limit to what can be done as long as the project meets the requirements stated above.

Examples of uses of the funds include supplies for events (food, tables & chairs, refreshments), marketing expenses, city permit costs, materials for activities (shovels/tools, giveaways, educational materials), etc.

Further, the planning committee submitting this application must include at least two organizations (the lead organization and partners), and the lead organization and its partners must fall into different categories as follows:

Category A: City, County, Schools, or other Government Agency manager, official or representative
Category B: A health care provider (public or private)
Category C: An established community nonprofit
Category D: A business organization (chamber of commerce, economic development agency, business improvement district, etc.)

Submissions have now closed.