Going Big For the 2nd Annual California Clean Air Day!

If you were one of the 100,000 Californians who participated in the first California Clean Air Day, thank you! You were a part of a community that made a real difference by taking public transit, planting trees, biking to work and engaging your neighbors in a day long celebration of clean air.

You’ve inspired us to make even bigger plans for 2019! This year our participation goal is 1 million Californians! We know it will be a challenge, but we’ve seen how the power of social media can drive hundreds of thousands of individuals to action. Why not millions?

In addition to our ambitious participation goal, here’s a few new things for 2019:

Streamlined Individual Pledge

We reorganized our pledge into three main categories: Switching Things Out, Planting Something, and Reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled. We encourage you to do at least one thing in each category to triple your impact! You can plant a tree, for example, or try out public transit or biking for the day.

New Ways To Track Organizational Engagement

When you sign your company or government agency up to take the pledge, you will receive a code you can give to employees when they sign up. This is a great way to see how many people in your company have participated. Codes also have the benefit of encouraging friendly competition between agencies, departments, neighborhoods…you name it!

Local Events

You may have already noticed new feature on our website dedicated to local events. Our hope is that you’ll add your neighborhood clean air block party, bike to school event, electric vehicle ride-and-drive and other community events to this page, so others can join you in making a difference. Look for an announcement about microgrants to come soon…

Regional Working Groups

We’re giving clean air day a little local flavor. Six regional working groups are collaborating to make sure that California Clean Air Day is a win for the Bay Area, Greater Sacramento, the Central Valley, Greater Los Angeles, the Inland Empire and San Diego. We’re looking forward to seeing who makes the biggest impact for their respective regions toward our mutual goal of clean air for California.

Everyone can do their part. Sign up to take the pledge and join Californians across the State as we work together for clean air.